For most homeowners, our houses are the largest investments of our lives. We spend decades working towards owning our own homes. Knowing that, why would you start without a quality home inspection to make sure your investment is protected? Whether you're getting new insurance or planning your next home purchase, nothing else can save you trouble & headaches like a home inspection. Let Hawk's Eye Inspections be that company for you & your family.

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Our Services

Wind Mitigations
Homeowners can receive a deduction in insurance premiums if their home meets specific building standards and techniques. The following areas will be reviewed during your inspection to see if credits can be given for meeting wind mitigation standards: garage doors, opening protections (doors and windows), roof covering, roof shape, roof-to-wall connections, roof deck attachment, and in some cases, secondary water resistance layer.

Full Home / Pre-Purchase
These inspections are non-intrusive, visual inspections of all major systems and structures to help a buyer identify major defects. The goal of this inspection is to provide the customer with the current condition of the home/property so that they have an accurate understanding moving forward with their purchase.

4-Point Inspections
4-Points may be required in order to obtain homeowner’s insurance. This inspection looks at the four main areas of a home: Roof, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning). This inspection reports the condition and year of last update for these four major systems.

Roof Certifications
Roof Certification Inspections include a visual inspection that estimates the remaining number of years in a roof covering. These inspections are typically required by insurance companies on homes that have a roof older than 25 years.
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